Een aantal van onze studenten en afgestudeerde, in totaal zijn er 226 studenten die dankzij J’Africa studeren of hun opleiding inmiddels al hebben afgerond.

DAPP graduates 2012

Follius, Dorothy, Dyson, Damson, Jester

Akuzike Kandulu

Medicine graduate 2010

Francis Biziwick graduate 2008

Francis Biziwick

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail from one of our graduates, Francis Biziweck. 
It is now one full year since I joined civil service as a Secondary School Teacher, I am graded as a Principal Officer in the government gazette. It has been a year of great experience for me. Apart from my teaching responsibilities, I also have been trusted with various capacities ranging from patron of Wildlife Society, to Administrative Secretary. Can you believe that I am also acting school accountant? I am planning to make some capital investments to study basic accounting for efficiency’s sake.

Though it has not been a smooth road, I enjoyed the challenges that I encountered throughout the year because these have helped me to grow professionally.
Finally all the best